Welcome to Essentially Fit

There aren’t a lot of health and wellness information specifically addressing the unique needs of the middle aged adult. We are too young for retirement, but too old to go clubbing all night (well, we shouldn’t anyway).

What was once a time of exploration and taking crazy risks, has now turned into very real and important responsibilities. Either we are taking care of our growing children, or we are taking care of our aging parents. In some cases, we are taking care of both.

We are still concerned with looking good (read: Young and Sexy), but we are also more aware of other health concerns. Words like cancer, heart disease and diabetes become more common in our everyday communication.
Although logically we know that we aren’t going to live forever, we can no longer live in that fantasy world, because our shelf life is finite. If we are lucky, we are roughly half way towards our expiration date. Most likely we’ve already crossed the midpoint.
Depression is potential concern, especially if you have not met goals, have ‘dreams deferred’ or if you have a lack of purpose.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. For many of us, we spent our 20’s and 30’s trying to find ourselves. By this point, most of us know who and what we are. We have learned a thing or two about what it takes to make in this world.

The purpose of this blog is to not only make sure that you add a few years to your life, but we want to make that you add some more life to your years.

Who the hell wants to live to 100 if they bed ridden, sick and has to depend on others for EVERYTHING?

As I am getting older, I have changed my view of the world to what time I have left. It has forced me to reevaluate what is important, who I am and the decisions that I have made thus far.

This blog will provide information on nutrition, exercise, health and wellbeing, but specifically how it relates to us just beginning the transition into Midlife (ages 40-60). This won’t be a particular conversation for the Boomers, although you will get a lot of value from the topics we will cover.

Millennials, I hope you can learn a few things here that will help prepare you for your next stage of life. But guess what? This site ain’t for you either. Go take a Cross Fit class or something.

The main message is this: NO MATTER WHAT AGE YOU ARE, YOU CAN FIND YOUR PURPOSE. It’s not too late. Your chance of being a pop star or a pro athlete is definitely done, but that doesn’t mean your best years are behind you.